In our modern times, it’s often hard to find really good romantic gestures or even come up with them.


I spent many years as a hopeless romantic. I was so full of love and wanted so much to share that wonderful giddiness with someone. By my mid-thirties, I relented to the peanut gallery that declared this kind of expectation to be a false reality. Always being told, “If it seems too good to be true, then is probably is,” or, “Fairy tale romance isn’t real.”


I finally gave in. After many abysmal experiences with relationships, I told myself that I just needed to work harder to make a good relationship work. I told myself that I was expecting a fantasy. I told myself that fighting for a relationship and convincing them to love me was the true measure of love.


Thankfully, I don’t think I let it go completely… that feeling of there being something out there that I wanted. Something more than settling. Something that would make me feel as if magic actually exists. I just needed a reminder.


On February 25, 2017, that reminder popped into my dreams.




Thanks to Facebook, we reconnected and immediately we began speaking every day. Our story began seventeen years ago. And yes, we both feel it’s very much like a fairy tale and can see how crazy it seems from the outside.


And we don’t care about the “crazy” comments. Because we love it, we love our story, we love our love.


Now, that he’s now on deployment (which sucks balls), we have many months to exchange sweet texts, photos, and phone calls. And he never disappoints.


He texts and calls when he can – I can’t express how grateful I am for modern technology. And I’m so lucky to have him… he’s the magic I always wanted, the romance I knew was out there. His texts are little love poems.


Little Love Poems


I savor every one of them.


I’m glad I was reminded.


Another day in Love In A Time Of Deployment

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