10 Weird AF Bookstore Questions

I worked at a bookstore several years ago. Maybe you’ve heard of it… Borders? (sad violin sounds) It was truly my favorite job to this day.

Here are 10 weird questions we heard:

1. “I’m looking for a book. It’s blue and it’s about someone who’s English, I don’t know the title or the author. Do you have it?”


2. Customer: “Do you have a recommendation for a kids book for my nephew who’s in 4th grade?”

Me: “Oh yeah, the Harry Potter series is superb, written well, the power of friendship and doing the right thing.”

Customer: “No, we won’t allow that. It has magic in it. How about something by CS Lewis?”


3. “Cool! The Lord Of The Rings movies were turned into books!”


4. Customer: “What? The latest issue of my Manga series isn’t in?! But I’m going on a trip this weekend, what am I going to do?”

Me: “I can help you find something else to take with you, we have a lot of books.”

Customer: “Guh! Gross, I don’t like to read.”


5. “Do you have an audiobook for yoga? I thought I could learn while I’m driving.”


6. “I’m looking for an autobiography of Tommy Franks, but I don’t know who writes it.”


7. “Do you have the original Bible? Like, from when it first came out, not a revised one?”


8. “You guys have The DaVinci Code in the wrong section. It should be in non-fiction. Damn coverups.”


9. “Do you know who wrote Shakespeare?”


10. “Do you have the sequel to Anne Frank?”


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