I’m often hilariously inappropriate whilst being perfectly endearing… it’s my cross to bear. I have a flair for the dramatic and using cliches.

🎭 #acting 🖋 #writing ✨ #living

Where in the world…

I moved to Charlottesville, VA in June 2017. I was lucky to perform theatre in the St. Louis area for about 15 years. Resume here!

Where’s the love…

Somehow, the universe brought me back to my muse, the love of my life. We are getting married on June 1, 2018. #LiberalMilSo

Where the thoughts go…

House of Nara is a place for me to attempt to collect all of my random ideas, writings, and projects in one place.

Currently, I’m working on…

  1. Learning to treat failure like a scientist
  2. Writing a one-act play about my depression
  3. Writing a novel about my love of books and storytelling
  4. Working out so I can do at least 5 pull-ups by the end of 2018
  5. Reading more, rock climbing, yoga, and getting good sleep
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